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Table of contents

  • Ryoko Hirosue pregnant with second child More information
  • Ryoko Hirosue Re-married More information
  • Kowa CM July 2009 More information
  • "Departures" won the Oscar for best foreign language film. More information
  • "Departures" won "the best picture of 2008" at the 32nd Japan Academy Awards. More information
  • "Goemon" movie second trailer More information
  • Ryoko were awarded at 20th Japan Best Jewellry Wearer Awards Ceremony More information
  • High Court orders publisher to pay more compensation to RH over defamation More information
  • "MBGA" CM December 2008 More information
  • "Goemon" movie trailer More information
  • Four celebrities awarded for having "most beautiful legs" More information
  • "Okuribito" wins a top prize in Montreal Film Festival More information
  • Galbochips CM More information
  • "MBGA" CM July 2008 More information
  • "Yasuko to Kenji" Trailer More information
  • Meguri Cha "Yaru mae kara muri?" CM More information
  • Shiseido CM with Ryoko More information
  • Ryoko Hirosue divorces More information
  • "MAY be Happy" DVD release More information
  • Long Wedding Road! Drama More information
  • Mainichi Daily News Article (July 27, 2007) More information
  • Tea commercial More information
  • Some new pictures. More information
  • Release of RH new movie More information
  • Rerelease of Ryoko Hirosue album RH Singles &... More information
  • Ryoko will be playing in a movie again! More information
  • Ryoko Hirosue wins payout over poor parenting, host club partying claims More information
  • Ryoko Hirosue pregnant with second child

    TOKYO : Japanese actress Ryoko Hirosue is pregnant with her second child, announced the star's agency.
    According to a company statement, 30-year-old Hirosue had not been feeling well and visited a hospital early November where it was confirmed that she was 16 weeks pregnant.
    Hirosue reportedly plans to continue working after the child is born.
    The news put an end to speculation that the "Beach Boys" star was pregnant when she tied the knot with candle artist Candle June in early October after dating only seven months.
    Hirosue already has a six-year-old son from her previous marriage to designer Takahiro Okazawa. The couple divorced in 2008.
    - CNA/il

    Date: 24th November 2010

    Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/

    Ryoko Hirosue Re-married

    On October 9th, Ryoko Hirosue (30) has announced on Her official site, that She married candle artist – Candle June. Their marriage is already registered.

    Date: 09th October 2010

    Kowa CM July 2009

    More pictures and videos in the RH calendar here

    July 2009

    "Departures" won the Oscar for best foreign language film.

    More pictures and videos of Oscar awards in the RH calendar here

    22th February 2009

    "Departures" won "the best picture of 2008" at the 32nd Japan Academy Awards.

    More pictures from the event in the RH calendar here

    22th February 2009

    "Goemon" movie second trailer
    Ryoko were awarded at 20th Japan Best Jewellry Wearer Awards Ceremony

    More pictures here

    23th January 2009

    Source: http://www.asahi.com/

    High Court orders publisher to pay more compensation to Ryoko Hirosue over defamation

    The Tokyo High Court on Tuesday ordered Shogakukan Corp, which is the publisher of Josei Seven, a tabloid magazine for women, to pay more compensation to actress Ryoko Hirosue over the defamation of her character in a story it ran. The court topped up the compensation to 2.3 million yen, after the Tokyo Regional Court had previously ordered the publisher to pay 1.2 million yen in June.

    According to the court decision, the magazine in March 2007 implied that Hirosue was involved in an extramarital affair with a man, posting a photo of the two of them on a motorbike.

    Judge Hidetoshi Somiya said, “The story had a negative influence over her reputation as an actress.” Somiya revised the regional court’s decision that said: “Hirosue’s freewheeling personality is one of her unique characteristics, which doesn’t necessarily mean a negative reputation.” Somiya increased the amount of compensation, considering her psychological distress.

    In an official comment, Shogakukan Corp said, “Some points of our appeal were not accepted by the court. We will consider what to do next after carefully examining today’s decision.”

    Tokyo - Wednesday 10th December 2008

    Source: http://www.japantoday.com

    "MBGA.jp" CM December 2008
    "Goemon" movie trailer
    Four celebrities awarded for having "most beautiful legs"

    Actresses Miki Maya, 44, Asaka Seto, 31, Ryoko Hirosue, 28, and ex-volleyball player Kaoru Sugayama, 29, were named as having the most beautiful legs at the annual Parcassio Beautiful Leg Awards. The event was organized by six shoemakers. Parcassio is an artificial leather used in their products.

    Maya, who recently got married, said, “When I told my husband about the award, he said, ‘I actually have beautiful legs, too.’”

    Seto, who is married to pop group V6 member Yoshihiko Inohara, was also asked about her husband’s reaction but declined to answer clearly because of advice from his agent Johnny’s, while Hirosue said “No comment”.

    Sugayama said, “I didn’t wear high heels at all before because it’s painful. But the new fabric Parcassio is very comfortable.”

    Tokyo - Tuesday 09th September 2008

    Source: http://www.japantoday.com

    "Okuribito" wins a top prize in Montreal Film Festival
    Movie "Okuribito" wins "Grand prix des Americas" in Montreal Film Festival
    1st September 2008
    Watch Trailer

    Source: http://www.ffm-montreal.org

    Galbo Chips CM
    Galbo Chips CM
    August 2008
    Watch CM
    Watch Making of Galbo CM

    Galbo walls:

    Source: http://www.meiji.co.jp/

    New Mbga CM

    New www.mbga.jp appeared 31 July 2008

    Watch CM

    Watch clip

    Source: http://www.mbga.jp/

    "Yasuko to Kenji" Trailer

    New Drama "Yasuko to Kenji" broadcasts 12 of July 2008

    Watch Trailer

    Source: http://www.ntv.co.jp/yasuken/

    Meguri Cha CM

    5 of July 2008

    Watch CM

    Source: http://meguricha.jp/cm/index.html

    Ryoko in Shiseido CM

    22 June 2008 Ryoko appeared in new Shiseido commercial.

    Watch CM

    Source: http://www.shiseido.co.jp/natsucam/index.htm

    Ryoko Hirosue divorces


    Ryoko Hirosue revealed on March 13, 2008 that she and designer/model Takahiro Okazawa have divorced. According to the announcement made on her official website, various circumstances have made it difficult for the couple to continue with their marriage. However, Ryoko stated that she still respects and trusts Okazawa, and they intend to still treat each other as parents of their child.

    Source: www.hochi.yomiuri.co.jp

    "MAY be Happy" DVD release

    "May be Happy" PV Video

    Starring Ryoko Hirosue, Erika Toda and Miki Arimura this short movie contain three stories. In every story small "wonder" is happends. One story goes round the puppy, which is trown away. Impression placing in the music of artist MAY and movie action is put togerther.

    Source: www.avexmovie.jp

    Long Wedding Road! Drama

    Genre: Family comedy

    Broadcast period: 2007-Jul-30

    Hirosue Ryoko stars as Shizuka, a young Osaka mother who divorced her husband five years earlier because he was violent. She now works for her uncle as a long-distance truck driver. During a ferry ride, she meets Shoichi (Nagai Masaru), a doctor from Tokyo, who is immediately smitten by the artless, slightly crude Shizuka because she looks exactly like his late wife, Sumika.

    Source: www.tbs.co.jp

    Mainichi Daily News Article "Family birthday bash puts kybosh on Ryoko Hirosue marriage split rumors"

    Rumors that Ryoko Hirosue's rocky marriage to model-designer Takahiro Hirosawa is finally over have been firmly quashed following a lovey-dovey night out with the family to mark the actress's 27th birthday recently, according to Josei Jishin (8/7).

    Hirosue and Hirosawa, who married in 2003 when the heartthrob actress fell pregnant, were rumored to have split within months of their union, with the comparatively low-earning model-designer sent off to fend for himself.

    But the whispers have been dispelled after Hirosue, Hirosawa and their little boy spent a night out on the town on July 25.

    Hirosue and her son collected Hirosawa from his Tokyo office and the family of three headed off to a posh pub in an exclusive part of the Ebisu district.

    "We're gonna have mommy's birthday party tonight," Josei Jishin quotes Hirosawa telling his son before they headed inside.

    Another customer at the restaurant says Hirosue's family stood out among the mostly older crowd, largely because the little boy's voice was loud and echoed throughout the establishment.

    "Hirosue would feed the boy and ask him if it was yummy and he'd reply really loudly. There didn't seem to be much conversation going on between the couple and when they did talk, it seemed to be about their child," the customer tells Josei Jishin. "Hirosue talked a lot to the kid and fed him by hand. The husband watched her while she did it."

    After dining for about an hour, Hirosawa suddenly sparked the family into action.

    "I don't know whether it was because he was drunk or not, but his voice was really loud as he said, 'C'mon guys, let's go to karaoke. It'll be his first time,' he said, pointing at his son," another customer says.

    The family stopped by at a nearby cake store, where they appear to have bought a birthday cake for Hirosue. Following that, it was on to a nearby karaoke joint, where they sang for an hour before stepping out and catching a cab home to their Tokyo apartment.

    Josei Jishin says the whispers of Hirosue being a hair's breadth away from divorce couldn't have been further from the truth based on what happened for the actress's birthday.

    July 27, 2007

    Source: www.mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp

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